CARB Compliance Policy

Notice of Requirement to Comply With California Air Resource Boards (ARB),

Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU or Reefer), Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM)

Amistad Freight requires all carriers and transportation brokers to comply with the regulations of the California Air Resource Board's Transportation Refrigeration Unit Airborne Toxic Control Measure.

As a carrier and/or broker supplying transportation services to Amistad Freight, you must certify that only reefers which comply with ARB's TRU ATCM in-use performance standards will be dispatched for loading.

If you are a California based carrier, you are required to be registered on the ARBER system. If you are based outside of California, and have not registered with the ARBER system, we strongly recommend that you do so in order to avoid any potential rejections and/or delays in loading.

Please be advised that effective on or before January 1, 2013, our Load Confirmation will contain the following statement, which is your further certification of compliance.

Carrier or its agent certifies that the TRU equipment furnished for loading this shipment is in compliance with the California TRU regulations.

Your driver's/dispatcher's signature on the Load Confirmation and/or Bill of Lading is an acknowledgement of the above statement and certification that the equipment being offered for loading is in compliance.